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About bitmonk 

We have a Specialized team of Developers and software engineers in couple with the right authority/Government power, who have been given legal rights to access the Blockchain Network and use tools, and software to enable them to reverse crypto/Bitcoin transactions. with the amount of complaints coming everyday about lost crypto or scams, Bitmock has been around for a long time to help these victims. Bitmonk is made up of a community of hackers who have joined together and created software that will solve (recover) all the needs of people who own and love cryptocurrency. A group of engineers in every field including networking blockchain, cryptographic, software development and security to help fight the battle against fraud.

The unique combination of unparalleled computer expertise and legal services enables our bitcoin and cryptocurrency recovery service to stand apart from the competition and ensures we can provide the most comprehensive help to those who have lost their Bitcoins, ethereum, or other virtual currencies.

with Bitmonk Recovery Tool, you can recover your funds quickly and easily. Our advanced software uses the latest blockchain technology to search for lost, stolen or missing funds, and then guide you through the process of recovering them. Plus, our customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. So don’t wait any longer – get your funds back with Bitmonk Recovery Tool today!

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Our Culture

Our App

Our app are readily available for out customers and can find them on our home page each application has  it unique process and also if the customer want help an experienced assistant is always available.   


We have been able to help many victims around the world and are hoping to do a lot more the years pass has been a wonderful year engaging and helping different individuals from different countries (Number make more sense) 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring an end to all sort of crypto theft globally with the help of our BitMonk Tools. We are a group of Cyber security and Software engineers working together with other crypto programmers to combat cyber crime.  

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What our clients are saying

“I was locked out of a hard wallet because of a passphrase issue and tried solving with the wallet support team. That process was very frustrating and there was no resolution. I thought that I was separated from the assets on that wallet and would just have to deal with it…”

“I have recently lost my blockchain wallet with over 10 etherium. I tried several method to open it but the password seemed to not working. I lost hope at that but after several months god sent me to Bitmonk”

“You guys proved that you provide an honest and transparent service which is hard to come by these days, especially in the crypto space. Where even the Tezos Foundation failed in recovering my password, you succeeded in less than 24h. This made my day. Thanks again Bitmonk”

“I miss wrote my BIP 38 password 3,5 years ago. i tried many times to find it out, but i thought it is impossible to get back founds from my paper wallet. Few days ago when btc reached its ATH I’ve decided to contact Bitmonk Experts, after 9 days he send me back correct password”

“I created a crypto paper wallet with a password and somehow messed it up so couldn’t recover. Bitmonk managed to recover it in less than a day, even though the password was 15 letters!”

“I was pretty devastated when I accidentally corrupted my girlfriends electrum wallet. Bitmonk came to the rescue and recovered the wallet in a matter of a week. This saved my ass, and likely my relationship”

“I got into a Paxful Bitcoin trading scam, and everything went bizarre after that. Thankfully, Bitmonk Recovery Tools helped me with the recovery process.” Going through a Bitcoin fraud and recovering from it isn’t anywhere close to a ‘walk in the park.’ However, Bitmonk Recovery Tool’s fast responsiveness, action plan, and impressive results can bring victims a sigh of relief”

“Dear friends, I want to express my gratitude to you for such a professional job recovering the severe damage experienced by my hard drive. I have posted your contact information to the Principia College community, encouraging folks to contact you if they find themselves in that situation. Prior to identifying you, I had contacted several other recovery labs in the St Louis area. None were able to do the job. Your work was both timely and complete, but equally important it was done with such kindness and empathy when I was feeling so awful! Thank you again! Warmly”

“I had all my crypto investments stored in my digital wallet when a software update messed everything up. I could no longer get the software program to work to access my private keys so I could trade my currencies. Thank goodness soft crack tools came to the rescue. Within a matter of days, the problem was fixed and I’m now able to access my wallet again. Thanks To Bitmonk Recovery Tools.”